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For the enjoyment and safety of all festival participants,

please adhere to the following rules:

  • No coolers

  • No outside food or beverages

  • No wagons, pull-carts or rolling bags, packs, etc.

  • No pets

  • No glass containers

  • No personal tents, metal poles, shade canopies or other shelters/shacks, sport-brellas, etc. No beach or pole-style umbrellas (over 63”)

  • No drones, or inflatable items

  • No unauthorized promotional items, athletic games, hula hoops, frisbees, kites, etc.

  • No bicycles inside the festival grounds

  • No large chairs with rocker, footrests, side tables, etc.

  • No skateboards, Segways, hoverboards, go-peds, etc.

  • No use of ropes, cords, tape, etc. to reserve space

  • No unauthorized vending or solicitation

  • No weapons, fireworks, or explosives

  • No illicit drugs, and other contraband

  • No reserving tarp space


General Parking

Festival Parking available for attendees in the Parking lot directly across from Abramson High School on Read Blvd. Gate Entrance into the Festival from the Parking Lot. Festival goers will be directed by Parking Attendants to available parking spaces.

Vendor Parking

Vendors are required to enter the park with vendor identification for setup. Once unloaded vendors will be directed to the festival parking lot

Entertainment Parking

Entertainers are required to enter the park with entertainer identification for performance. Once unloaded entertainers will be directed to the parking.

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